Saturday, 8 June 2013

smoking hot Cougar

She exuded sexuality
Every little bit
From the hint of garter showing
To the cigarette unlit
He fumbled for his lighter
His reactions out of kilter
His eyes drawn to the way
Her red lips wrapped round the filter
As his trembling hand tried to light
She gently touched his arm
Long nails lightly scratched him
"I won't cause you any harm
Come boy sit beside me"
She patted by her side
He sat and crossed his hands
His erection hard to hide
She turned slightly to face him
The smoke leaving a trail
He tried to not look at her breasts
His effort doomed to fail
Before he realized
Her hand was on his knee
She slid it up and touched his bulge
"Was this caused by me?"
He nodded, couldn't speak
Gave a little squeeze
He moaned "Shall I continue?"
He stuttered "Yes Ma'am please"
He had fantasised for months
About coming to this bar
He had heard of it at college
"It's where all the cougars are"
And now this older lady
Had his zip about to break
He wriggled in his seat
Not sure how much he could take
She leaned in close and whispered
Her lips touching his ear
"I think it's time my boy
We got away from here "
Hand in hand they left
Her friends all gave a smile
She always got the first one
They were captives to her guile
She led him to her car
Unlocked and set him in
She could see that he was nervous
Thought "I will fix that" with a grin
As she drove she reached across
A soft possessive touch
Trying not to let him know 
That she needed him so much
She made him walk behind her
From the car to her front door
Her fluid feline movements
Gave a hint of what's in store
Once inside she turned and grabbed him
Locked him in a kiss
He had kissed some girls his own age
But it never felt like this
As her tongue searched for his
Her hand grasped at his crotch
She groaned against his lips 
"I need to taste your cock so much"
Sliding to her knees
She gripped in her hand
And as mouth devoured him
She thought of what was planned
Could tell he was excited
She would feed on her young lover
Knowing it would be ok
And he would soon recover
His ball started twitching
He tried to pull away
But she locked her mouth upon him
Made it clear that she would stay
His body began to shudder
His fingers gripped her hair
As he erupted in her mouth
Glanced up and saw his vacant stare
Then she stood and lightly kissed him
"Come with me my boy
The night is only young
It will bring us lots more joy
In the bedroom she undressed
It was a sight he'd never seen
The lingerie and lace
Only in a magazine
Then she lay back on the bed
Her pussy shaved so bare
Then pointing with her fingers
"I want your young lips there "
She guessed it was his first time
Saw him hesitate
But she grabbed and pulled him in
Her need just couldn't wait
And it didn't take him long
For his tongue to hits its stride
Her legs went round his neck 
As she took him for a ride
Then with a squeal she grabbed his hair
Pushed his lips the right place
And almost squashed his head
As she came upon his face
She unlocked her legs and looked down
His face was crossed with worry
"Did I hurt you Ma'am ?
If I did then I am sorry"
She drew him up her body
Held him in a kiss
"My boy you were perfect
Those were sounds of bliss"
His cock had grown hard again
As he had given pleasure
She moved and drew him in
These young lovers were a treasure
She rolled him on his back
And began to move her hips
As she rode she bent
Gave his young skin little nips
This time took much longer
Loved the feel of him inside
Knew she'd coax him into staying 
So she could have a morning ride
Would make sure that he'd remember
Amongst all other things
The pleasure that a night
With a sexy cougar brings




  1. Love the story. Pace. Detail.

  2. As always....beautifully

  3. This is a Sexy Sexy Read, I love the journey you take us on as you paint the picture exquisitely - I can feel the cougar and judging by the photo, she could be French
    Ciao Bella