Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dinner with Daddy Dom

Dinner was over
Time to sit on his knee
She liked staying with her Daddy
A special place to be
He treated her so special
She'd wrap her arms around his neck
Snuggle in real close
Hard to keep herself in check
Never wearing panties
Would feel his growing cock
Wriggling against him
Soon have it like a rock
He'd stroke her hair and coo
"You're such a pretty little thing "
It was a game she loved to play
Would make her sweet heart sing
Then he would gently lift her
Place her on his cock
Holding on real tight
Her body start to rock
Nuzzled to his neck
Her breathing a fast pace
Feel her needs building
And her pulses start to race
Then his face begins to grimace
Face buried in her curl
Whispers in her ear
"Cum on Daddy baby girl "


  1. I love the Daddy Dom ones...soooo sexy

  2. Your Voice should be Recorded, reading
    "Dinner with Daddy Dom"
    One, would be elated, Amorous feelings
    Oh So Good

    1. He enunciates beautifully Isabella ;-)

    2. LOL. yep, the r's are the important part of that poem!

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  4. MMM... missed this little tete....nothing like an aussie accent...
    amorous giggles...Tamsin....

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