Saturday, 22 June 2013

Teachers pet

A tilt of hat
Gloved hand reach
The lesson there
She needs to teach
Let's her heel
Scrape his leg
In his eyes
She's sees him beg
Will make him wait
But not too long
Her need for pleasure
Also strong
Time is now
He is led
The crop awaits
On the bed
"Strip for me"
Sharp command
Turns the crop
In her hand
Each naked part
That meets the air
She swing the crop
Taps him there
Finally naked
Cock stands firm
Strikes the tip
Makes him squirm
Leans back on bed
Moves dress aside
"Please me first
Before your ride"
Performs his duty
Captive of
This fiery beauty
The flailing crop
Drives his urge
Till with a scream
Her juices surge
The crop now laying
By her side
She draws him up
Let's him inside
See tears of joy
Form in his eyes
She holds him in
Wrapped with her thighs
A reward he will
Not always get
But one this boy
Will not forget
She milks his cock
With little squeezes
Forever he will
Do as She pleases


  1. Mark very hot as always!!!!!

  2. Your Writing is capable of arousing and holding the attention, a fascinating read ciao bella

  3. Never fails to bring a smile to my face....and a small the verse....the flow....Thank always...