Tuesday, 25 June 2013

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Lesson fort steve

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It was time she thought to play a little game
Had seen him round but didn't know his name
Now the two of them were alone here on the beach
Sensed he'd be a fun new pet to teach

He was staying at the same hotel as they
She had felt his eyes upon her yesterday
When she'd turned and met his stare with a glare
Had made him twist and turn in his chair

He lay there on the beach as if asleep
As she walked past she saw him grab a peep
And when she spread her towel out by his side
His excitement was very hard to hide

Without either of them uttering a sound
She lay down her face toward the ground
Held out he sunscreen in her hand
Meekly he accepted just as she had planned

The yellow bikini didn't hide much skin
As he rubbed she allowed herself a grin
He touched her softly, treated as a treasure
She guessed her new pet would bring her lots of pleasure

Rolling over, let her top drop, saw him stare
Knew he was firmly caught now in her snare
"You may touch my breasts but just with fingertips
I have another place waiting for your lips"

As he lovingly ran his hands around her breast
The promise of more to come increased his zest
A stifled moan escaped her lips
Saw him smile as he gazed between her hips

While he caressed her mind began to roam
She missed the pet she'd left at home
And as she teased the one who'd take their place
She felt the need to have her sex upon his face

Replaced her top and ordered him to stand
Then lifted herself using his hand
Impressed by the bulge that she could see
"Grab our things pet now and follow me"

She knew she now had him firmly in her grip
Once in the room she ordered him to strip
"Lay down on your back up on the bed"
Stripped, sat on him with her legs around his head

She knew she had took him by surprise
As he gasped she looked down at bulging eyes
Raised herself, said "Now time to use those lips"
Worked herself against his face rotating hips

She was impressed by the endeavor that he showed
And as orgasm neared her press against him slowed
Lifted once again to give her pet some air
Them rode him hard until she came gripping his hair

As she climbed off he tried to take a hold
She slapped his juicy face "My pet don't be so bold.
I know you need to come but now that's how you'll stay
If you are good then maybe later today"

"Now my pet it is time to fill the spa"
She thought tonight we won't be going far
And as she watched this gorgeous pet hat she had caught
Knew his relief would come quicker than he thought


  1. so good.....arousing....well done...makes me want to go to the beach.......thank Mr. Davis

  2. You know me... I'm going to complain. It finished too soon! a sequel please :)

  3. Yup...LOl love the finishes.LOL I'm Hopping

  4. Very enticing! I'd love to win a poem to post on my blog...with YOUR permission, of course! Stop over, check all the blogs! Muah!

  5. your poems! Thank you.

  6. I must mention now I am sorry for what I am about to say
    And if you will please....keep a few things in mind either way
    Though I have a mouth that contains the devils dirty tongue
    My heart is always in the right place or at least somewhere among......
    Few have called me angel, less have called me more
    But in the end it all boils down to my slutty inner whore ;)
    *And she begins with the dirty mouth*
    ~Holy motherfucking shit! I was a bit apprehensive over this read, because..Well shit! Look at the cover..... We all know where this is going *laughs* and as a girl without a Dom bone in her body, as a sub through and through, I was nervous that I wouldn't find it as arousing as EMM.... Ha! Ha! Ba-fucking-ha! That joke was on me! Well played Mark Davis, well played. Holy mother of God! Jesus, Mary and Joseph (<- see.. I do have angel tendencies ;p) That was, shit that was fucking hot! I absolutely loved it! I loved, LOVED the tender, sweet Steve, wanted to eat him up and swallow him whole. And Katelyn? Well she was just a freaking badass, I fell head over heels with her character. Lessons for Steve was such a sensual and sex thrumming read, these damn 33 pages will leave you soaking wet! And drenched in sweat..........of course ;)

  7. Nice! Tell me more, tell me more. :)

  8. Hi! Wonderful seeing you again! And really nice poem! :) Thank you for sharing and participating! Best wishes to you hun!