Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mistress playtime

Come, sit, heel
Her commands make him feel
Wanted, owned, needed
No command goes unneeded
He feels the red leather
Knows its her choice whether
She'll give her pet a run
Let him have fun
Or maybe today
The command will be stay
His tongue for the using
An act of her choosing
He loves when her need
Makes her pull on his lead
Opens herself wide
Orders him inside
The pleasure on her face
Makes his heart race
At Mistresses urges
His need to please surges
Loyalty unabated
As her erotic need sated
Then when he is done
Mistress had her fun
Gets to clean her good
Like a good pet should


  1. paced....Mark...perfect

  2. It's a Prolific Writer who is able to portray a feeling of extreme emotional intensity.