Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Lace Blindfold

Silk ropes held her tightly
Blindfold on her face
Her lips waited expectantly
Below the mask of lace
She felt his breath get closer
His lips across her skin
Fingers teased her bound spread legs
Stroked, then slid right in
She moaned aloud, bucked her hips
Bound body wracked by ripples
As he bent his head onto her breasts
And sucked and licked her nipples
Fingers working over time
Her ear now felt his lips
"You'll not come till I tell you"
She tossed her head and thrust her hips
Knew how to drive her crazy
Knew just the spot to hit
She clenched her teeth, tried to hold
As his thumb caressed her clit
Gasping, begging, pleading
"Please Sir, I need to come"
He rest his head upon her breast
Her heart beat like a drum
Bound body was on fire
His fingers in her hair entwirl
Her body shook with pleasure
When he said "come for me my girl"
Shaking screaming crying
Relief came with a yell
He lay on the bed beside
"My girl you held on well"
Her body still aglow
From the scene that just took place
He slid away the blindfold
She saw the pride upon his face


  1. YHou know how to arouse my interest.........and inner most fantasies.........and as always a beautiful prose

  2. Congratulations Mark, great work as usual!

  3. Ciao love! enjoyed very much! grazie for sharing! Bells xxx