Saturday, 14 September 2013


She waited for her lover
The apartment was prepared
He had set her up in luxury
No expense was spared
She was the perfect courtesan
Meet him at the door
A long and flowing robe
Reaching to the floor
She would kiss powerful cheek
Ask if everything's alright
Lead him to his seat
Then drift out of sight
Returning with his drink
The robe had gone away
Lace covered body on show
In a very sensual way
Her sleek exotic beauty
Fitted with his powerful  world
He would take her on his lap
Underneath her legs were curled
Then finishing his drink
Would reward her with a kiss
A man of his position
Earned a courtesan like this
She would climb of his lap
To bed and help him strip
Lay him on the bed
Run tongue over painted lip
Let the lace run over
His body till he moaned
Then cover his cock
With this soft mouth that he owned
She was expert at this
Worked with tongue and lips
Then when he was ready
She would sit across his hips
His cock would slide
In the lace was a slit
Draw his cock in
Every inch of it
He loved laying there
As her magic she plied
Muscles worked his cock
Squeezing inside
And for one fleeting moment
He felt so strange
Her pussy controlled him
A power exchange
But then he'd reach up and grab
Let his passion burn
Come with a roar
Feel the power return
She would then stroke his face
Tell him he's so good
Stroke his ego
Like a courtesan should
Spoil him some more
Till he had to go
Where he'd been the last hour
No one would ever know


  1. Smiles....beautiful......I love ones like this.....I can see her even without the picture.....Mr. visual.