Tuesday, 8 October 2013

sneak look at Erotic Midnight Musings volume four Paranormal

It happened every month
As the full moon lit the skies
The same dream seemed to start
As soon as she had closed her eyes
At first she had been scared
The sensation had been strange
But he brought such pleasure
Her thoughts did quickly change
In her dreams her lover floated in
Carried on the mist
He would cloak her like a shroud
Feel her body kissed
As she prepared for sleep these evenings
She would bathe, put on some scent
It seemed to please her spirit
Loved the effort she had spent
For hours he would tease
Too many orgasms to count
In the end she would be begging
Her ghostly lover urged to mount
Although it was a dream
Her sex would ache for days
For the night she was his captive
As he took her many ways
And in the morning when she woke
Her bed was in a mess
Every muscle ached
As she'd shower then get dressed
And as she left the house
She was sure that she could hear
Her  ghostly lover whisper
"Same time next moon my dear"

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