Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Trick or Treat Neighbour

He was drifting off
When the knock awoke
Looked out the window
Fog like smoke
Pale street lamps
Lit the street
Much too late
For trick and treat
Opened the door
His neighbour there
Makeup running
Tussled hair
"Quick, come get warm
Are you all right?"
She started to cry
"We had a fight"
He sat her down
By the fire
"He didn't approve
Of this attire"
In her corset
Her breasts heaved
"I love the look
That you've achieved"
"Really?" She stood up
And turned
Did she suspect
How much he yearned?
Bent down and kissed him
"You're so sweet"
At feel of lips
Heart skipped a beat
"You don't think fishnets
Are too much"
She took his hand
Let him touch
Then keeping hold
Placed on her chest
Through the corset
Felt her breast
Then on his lap
She took a seat
"Would you like
A trick or treat?"
Touched his face
Across his lips
Ran her darkened
Finger tips
His now hard cock
Pressed to her rear
She wriggled
"Think my treat is near"
Slipped off his lap
And to her knees
Undid his pants
He moaned "Oh please"
Her lips consumed
His cock so thick
She smiled up
"You like my trick?"
And as she licked
His glistening head
"The treat comes later
In your bed
But for now
Relax enjoy
I've seen you watch me
Naughty boy"
Close to coming
Pulled away
"Now to your bed
Time for play"
She lay him down
Climbed on top
"Time for my treat
Want every drop"
Panties gone
She drew him in
Her muscles grasped him
From within
The tears now gone
From her face
Replaced by pleasure
Upped her pace
Then coming hard
An awesome sight
Her treat she got
This ghostly night


  1. They get better and wetter........oh my did I say that.....Mr. Davis. Happy Halloween...giggles

  2. An excellent way to spend Halloween....