Sunday, 13 October 2013

open inspection

The agent saw him coming
Her hand went to her chest
He looked so tanned and handsome
Her willpower it would test
Just before this meeting
A poem she had seen
Now she was feeling wet
In that hotspot in between
His voice was deep and sexy
As she opened every door
Had just shown him a bedroom
He picked something from the floor
She couldn't believe her eyes
He held a dildo in his hand
"Why would someone want this?
I just don't understand"
"Not all of us are lucky
And have a man like you
Sometimes when you're horny
A cock like this will do."
He handed it to her
Felt his gaze across her roam
"What about yourself?
Do you have one like this at home?"
She smiled as she answered
"I have a larger one
When my husband is away
It's a ready source of fun"
She lifted up the dildo
Put it to her lips
Ran it down her breasts
Rubbed between her hips
"I can show you if you like
If you care to see"
She lay down on the bed
"Come here, lie down with me"
She lifted up her skirt
Still had on her heels
Slid the toy inside
"Oh I do love how this feels"
By now his cock was out
He watched through slitted eyes
Rubbing his cock hard
His gaze fixed between her thighs
She pushed in and out
Her sex swallowed every bit
Coming with a cry
As she took every little bit
By now his cock was ready
She pulled away his hand
When she placed it with her mouth
It was more than he could stand
Stroked his balls softly
Till he came hard with a wail
And as she swallowed his last drop
Guessed she had made a sale

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  1. I read this and was like wow..............but love the picture even more.when u put them all together.....i have to smile.......the poem as always is amazing.thank you Mark Davis