Thursday, 24 October 2013

Rooftop View

Warm summer nights
City lights
Rooftop garden impresses
Tables laid
Music played
Ladies in fine dresses
Loves the band
Takes her hand
Dancing round and round
Holding tight
Dance out of light
A special place they've found
Hands slip to hips
Finds her lips
Excitement she can feel
Grips his behind
Tongues entwined
The open air surreal
Finds a ledge
Sits on the edge
Dress around her waist
On his knees
Fingers tease
Then has a little taste
Then he stands
Fumbling hands
Her legs open wide
Background noise
She so enjoys
As he slips inside
Arms round his neck
Can't keep in check
Whimpering in lust
Dessert of sin
She holds him in
Meeting every thrust
Closes eyes
Muffled cries
Their love consummated
She straightens hair
Return to glare
Erotic needs now sated


  1. Well you were busy........wonderful prose........ wonder who was at that party with it as always.......Mark Davis

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Love this very sensual ... Damn this never happens at the parties I go too