Monday, 22 April 2013

Kama Sutra Chair

She loved the room
Loved the view
Loved her man
This she knew

The fire raged
The room was warm
Across the Harbour
Watched the storm

Flags on the bridge
Fluttering hard
He gave a kiss
Then a card

"Happy anniversary,
I've bought you a surprise."
He led her toward the window
"You must close your eyes."

She smiled as she closed them
Wondered what it could be
Heard something being shifted
"Open now and see."

The kama sutra chair
She felt herself get wet
Had seen it in the movies
But hadn't tried one yet

The thing that made her smile
As she put away the card
He was naked sitting on it
And her favourite cock was hard

She quickly stripped her clothes off
Stepped across the chair
Kissed her excited lover
Ran her fingers through his hair

Then as it was designed
She slid down his erection
Kissed him hard on the lips
Absolute affection

The chair made it easy
With her feet still on the ground
To work herself on his cock
And move her hips around

She was working her hips
Could direct his cock with joy
His cock drove her crazy
She was loving her new toy

Left him for a second
As she turned facing away
There her moves intensified
As they continued with their play

She could rest on her hands
Squeeze his cock with muscles tight
Till she head him start to moan
And knew the time was right

She turned around again
Felt her nipples in his teeth
Her fucking came much faster
Passions start to seethe

The tremors shook her frame
One last thrust to end her ride
She wrapped her arms around
Felt her man explode inside

She stayed on him till they settled
Sensual juices cast adrift
Placed her mouth against his ear
"Love my anniversary gift."


  1. I want one.....yes that damn chair...thank you very inventive....I do mean that poem <3

  2. Great poem. Nice flow and so much naughty fun. :-)