Monday, 8 April 2013

A Special Love

There was something in the air that night
He couldn't quite place
Everyone seemed happy
Had a smile on their face

Just his usual Friday night
As he walked into the bar
It as just around the corner
Didnt have to travel far

He headed to his spot
At the end by the wall
But someone else was there
She was elegant and tall

She must have seen him hesitate
Surprised look on his face
And in her sexy husky voice
"Am I sitting in your place?"

He assured her "That fine,
As long as you don't mind
If I buy you your next drink?"
She smiled "That's very kind"

She was in town for the weekend
Had appointments all next day
"I know the owners of this bar
And it's close to where I stay"

He was happy for the company
And they chatted for a while
But when the bar got busy
She leaned forward with a smile

"As you are the local
Is there somewhere close to eat?"
"I know just the place" he said
And helped her off the seat

In her heels she towered over him
Took his arm as they walked
She had a lovely firm grip on him
And squeezed him as they talked

"I hope you don't mind seafood"
"My favourite type of meal
She said "especially the oysters
I love how they make me feel"

The maitre d greeted them
Took them to their seat
It was his favourite restaurant
Food was good, tables discrete

She said "I need to use the bathroom"
And has he watched her cross the floor
He sensed something quite exotic
Couldn't wait to find out more

When she returned he smelled her perfume
Felt it tantalize his nose
He squirmed as she licked her lips
Felt the space between them close

The meal was a delight
Their conversation rife
And as the wine bottle emptied
They talked about their life

He explained how his job
Made it easier alone
" The sex is not very good
When most is on the phone"

"How about you" he asked
" a husband and some kids?"
She blushed and dipped her head
Hid her tears beneath eyelids.

He moved swiftly to her side
Kissed a tear from her cheek
"Please forgive, I am sorry
My social skills are weak"

She looked up into his eyes
Ran her fingers cross his face
Then she gently kissed his lips
His heart began to race

In her deep and sexy voice she said
"there is something you should know
I should have told you earlier
But didn't want you to go"

"You've been such a gentleman
All that I could dream"
And she pulled herself back a bit
"I am not quite what I seem"

When he looked confused
She took his hand and with a press
Bought it below the table
Hard against her dress

Her hand was lightly shaking
Her eyes reflected fright
As his fingers lightly touch
Her cock wrapped up so tight

"I am sorry, I will go"
And when she went to stand
He blurted "No please don't"
And grabbed her by the hand

He leaned in close and kissed her
This time lasted longer
And he admitted in a whisper
"My feelings for you are stronger"

The fright flew from her eyes
She realized he meant what he said
So glad he had accepted
Made him want her more instead

"It has been so long " she said
"Since I've had found a man to trust
Someone kind and gentle
not just consumed by lust"

He smiled at her confession
Once again kissed her with greed
"Will you take me to my room" she said
"I have everything we'll need"

This time on his arm
Everything felt right
His excitement grew
As he thought about the night

Entering the room
He knew he had to calm her nerves
And as he knelt at her feet
Ran his hands across her curves

Reaching under her dress
Caressed her cock with finger tips
Looked up at her smile
As he took it in his lips

Her nails massaged his scalp
As harder in she pressed
She slowly moved her hips
It was like he passed the test

His virgin mouth worked wonders
As he felt her grow in size
And he gazed up across her breasts
His cock started to rise

She pulled out and grabbed the lube
On her knees lifted her bum
"Please my baby fuck me
I want to feel you cum"

If someone had of told him
At the beginning of the night
This was what he'd be doing
He would have run with fright

But this sensual lady
Bent over on her knees
Had won his heart tonight
So badly need to please

As he entered her he knew
That no matter what his past
His world had turned a corner
He wanted this to last

When he came he felt it flood
His new love also lost her seed
As they lay and hugged each other
They knew they'd filled each others need


  1. And very brave. Love how u push the boundaries

  2. A love visual.....amazing......beautifully done