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Special guest Tamsin Baker about her new book Truth be told

My special guest on my blog today is Tamsin Baker
Author of 'Truth be Told' released this week.

Well Tamsin, what perfect timing with the change in New Zealands laws. Did you have inside knowledge?
 Lol, I wish. Then I would have written twenty m/m stories all to come out about now! Seriously though, It is wonderful and about time too.

I believe this book is going to launch a whole new career for you. So beautifully written and with such insight. Have you some gay friends you might have based one or both of the characters on?
I do have a gay friend, though neither of my heroes are anything like him. I started writing, with literally nothing in my head except Patrick, a gorgeous top, standing in a bar cruising for a one night stand. I had planned for him to find a lovely bottom and continue, however that didn't happen. Three paragraph's in, Liam walked in, a bigger more dominant top, and the whole story shifted. I don't like stereotypes and didn't want to write one. 

Are you going to stick with m/m or have you some other stories in the pipeline?
This is my only m/m at the moment. Though, because I adore 'male love' I have recently written and got three contracts for a vampire menage series. Which is MMF, MMM and MMMF. So that was fun. I also have a few Domme stories recently contracted.

That's exciting news. I am sure they will be arousing and erotic. I can't wait. What other influences have directed your writing?
 I write what I like to read. I started out with Regency Sexy. Then I met Kissa Starling and was introduced to BDSM- wow did that blow my mind wide open. When I joined an erotic writers group they introduced me to shifters, vampires, menage and a whole lot of amazing writing. I haven't changing or learning stopped yet.

Now, I know that you and your bloggers may prefer a slightly kinkier sex scene, so this is the last and most passionate of the sex scenes in Truth be Told. It's only light kink, but i love it!
Patrick swallowed. “So, you haven’t been with anyone else since we had our break?”
Liam laughed and leaned forward, pressing hot lips to Patrick’s, prying them apart and sweeping him into an all consuming kiss. When he finished, they were wrapped in each other’s arms, pressed cock to cock, and breathing hard.
“Of course not,” Liam pushed his shirt off his body and carefully placed it on a chair. “I love this shirt by the way.”
He chuckled and pulled Liam’s blue shirt off his massive chest. “Not as much as I love yours. Your body is incredible.” He ran his hands over the gorgeous pecs and rock hard abs, unable to believe such a beautiful man loved him.
The rest of their clothes ended up in a pile on the floor as Patrick pulled the covers completely off the bed, exposing the four Velcro wrist and ankle cuffs.
“Wow,” Liam breathed, walking over to examine the contraption. “Top or bottom?”
Patrick's mouth dropped open. He was getting a choice? Since when? “Don’t you want to top?”
Liam shrugged, “Yeah, of course, but if you need me to share the top more, I can try.”
He walked over and stepped close to Liam, “What I need is my big, sexy top to take control. I’ll let you know if I ever need something different.”
Liam looked relieved, a smile lighting up his face.
Patrick smiled back. “So, how do you want me, lover? On my back?” He crawled across the bed and sat in the middle.
Liam shook his head. “No, on your belly, my love.”
Patrick turned over, laying as flat on his belly as his erection would allow. This was new.
He felt hands at his ankles, pulling his legs apart, then the sound of Velcro separating and meeting again as Liam tied him up.
Liam moved up the bed and reached for his wrists. “I think I’m going to enjoy this.”
Patrick stretched his arms wide and allowed Liam to tie him up, spread eagle on the bed. His heart rate had doubled, fear underlying his excitement. He was completely helpless. Liam could do anything he wanted to him.
Liam slid up onto his back and lay down on top of him, completely covering him, whispering into his ear. “Where’s the crop, my love?”
Patrick gaped, he had bought it more as a joke than for any other reason. “Under the bed, but it wasn’t really a serious purchase.”
Liam slid off him and reached under the bed, pulling the crop back up with him. “Well, let’s just see if I can find a use for it.”
Liam laid the crop next to him and moved down to sit between his open legs. “You have the best arse I have ever seen, Patrick.”
He turned his head to the side and relaxed, “It’s all yours, Liam.”
“Is it?”
Big hands caressed his calves and began to slowly slide up his legs, moving past the sensitive skin on the backs of his knees and his hamstring area. Liam’s hands delved between his crack, fingers spreading his cheeks wide.
“So no one has been inside my arse?” His breath was close now. Patrick could feel hot air on his buttocks.
Patrick shook his head and arched his back, hoping Liam would move closer.
Liam smacked his arse, hard. Patrick shuddered.
Liam smacked him again and Patrick groaned as he lifted his arse up into the air, eager to see where his pain tolerance limits were. Liam picked up the crop and ran it down the middle of his back. The leather disappeared for a moment, then he heard a whistling as it sailed through the air and landed in the same place Liam’s hand had been. Patrick moaned and felt Liam lean forward and kiss the area.
“You’re okay?” the words were merely whispers, but he heard them.
He nodded and lifted his arse again. Liam connected with the other cheek and leaned forward to kiss the sore skin.
“Has anyone been in my arse, Patrick?”
He refused to answer, wanting the punishment.
Liam didn’t disappoint. He wielded the crop with precision, hitting the fleshy part of his arse over and over again, until Patrick was crying out, “No, no one. It’s your arse, Liam, only yours.”
 Liam dropped the crop off the side of the bed and soothed Patrick's stinging cheeks with his hands, spreading them apart and sticking his tongue between them. Patrick cried out, pushing back against the searching tongue that rimmed his arse hole and even licked the red hot skin of his arse cheeks.
His lover then moved up his back, kissing each inch of flesh lovingly. Patrick was floating in a sea of pleasure tinged with pain, balancing on the subspace he had heard so much about.
Liam reached across him for a condom and ripped it open. “I adore you, Patrick, you are truly mine now.”
Patrick’s arousal was so high it had stalled on a peak, he didn’t know if he was up or down.
“Fuck me, please, Liam, I can’t wait any more.”
Liam laughed and slid down, using his knees to separate Patrick’s legs even more.
He lifted his arse up as lubricated fingers pressed in and out of him, but it wasn’t enough. He was falling out of subspace, reality crowding back in.
“Liam! I need to cum! Get your dick up my arse now!”
Silence. Then heat enveloped him as Liam lay on top of him, holding himself up by one warm arm and positioning his cock with the other.
“Topping from the bottom, huh? I think you need to be punished.”
Liam thrust once, hard and deep, and Patrick started cuming. He pulled on his restraints and arched his back as his body shuddered, screaming out as his lover pumped into him.
Liam didn’t let up, he just kept going, biting into his neck and fucking him deep and hard. Patrick stayed floating on that border between pain and pleasure so sweet he was afraid he would pass out.
His lover began moving erratically and Patrick squeezed his body tight, trying to hold onto it, then Liam groaned like his soul was being ripped out of his body and collapsed on top of him.
Patrick didn’t move, couldn’t move.
Liam didn’t say a word, just gently slipped out of his body and moved away to untie his restraints.
Then he came back and lay down, covering them both with the doona once again.
Patrick curled into a ball and waited. His lover didn’t disappoint, wrapping his huge body around him.
“Thank you, Liam.”
He had no other words, he was beyond them. So apparently was Liam, wet tears hitting him on the back of the neck.
  Patrick smiled as sleep claimed them both. He pulled Liam’s hand around his body and held his hand to his heart, exactly where it was meant to be.
Well I am sure once everyone has read the excerpt here they will be all clamouring for a copy. Is the book available widely?

Honestly, I'm not sure. But the buy link on Evernight Publishing's website is:

Thank you Tamsin. You are a gem. I look forward to following your path to the bestsellers list
Thank you so much for having me :)


  1. I enjoyed this........and look forward to her new release