Monday, 15 April 2013

Triple Date

It was meant to be a double date
Or that is what she thought
But when the other girl didn't show
It became a different sort

They decided to go out
Her and the two guys
With one of them on each arm
They turned a lot of eyes

They ripped apart the dance floor
Downed their share of drinks
And returning from the bathroom
She saw them sharing winks

Sitting in between them
One man touched her knee
The other leant to kiss her
Was a pleasant spot to be

As his hand moved higher
She sucked the others tongue
The night was getting hotter
The starting bell had rung

The time had come to leave
As the threesome left the bar
Walked to her apartment
It wasn't very far

Once inside the door
Her clothes soon fell away
One laid her on her back
Spread her legs, let his tongue play

The other knelt beside her
Pushed his cock between her lips
And as her tongue worked its magic
Squeezed his balls with finger tips

The man between her legs
Rolled over on his back
His cock was standing hard
And she teased it with her crack

Lowering herself down
Her ass up in the air
She felt the man behind her
Rubbing his cock there

With her pussy full of cock
She felt so full within
She could not believe the pleasure
As the other cock slid in

Like the meat in the sandwich
Both men worked her sex
And as she felt excitement growing
Prepared for what would happen next

As he pumped her ass hard
She felt his nipple grip
And her orgasm hit hard
She bit and caused a bleeding lip

Then again as they came
And their cum leaked on the floor
She had another screaming moment
Never cum like this before


  1. Mr.Davis dare I've done it again? One of the sexiest yet....peaked my interest. HOT

  2. Awesome mr poet. Love that u r expanding ur repertoire