Saturday, 23 March 2013


Ann's new neighbor sat beside her
Had come over for a chat
What she didn't realize was
She wanted more than that

The neighbor had a special plan
She needed a new toy
She liked to have somebody close
To play with and share joy 

She especially liked the new ones
She could seduce into her play
Who only in their fantasies 
Had been loved her way

The neighbor moved in closer now
Put a hand upon Ann's knee
Said, "Ann you're so pretty
Not plain and dull like me."

"That's not true, you're gorgeous"
Ann replied, and touched her arm
And was rewarded with a smile
Bathed in her neighbors charm

"That's kind of you to say Ann."
And she faked a little tear
Ann saw it rolling down her cheek
And drew her new friend near

Her neighbor looked her in the eyes
Ran her tongue across her lips
Reached up and stroked Ann's cheek
With red nailed finger tips

Before Ann knew what had happened
She was locked in a deep kiss
Moaned as a tongue invaded
She had never felt like this

The neighbor didn't back off
If she were to win this day
She had to keep Ann aching
Begging her to play

Kept kissing as the buttons
On Ann's blouse were pulled apart
And as her fingers pinched her nipples
She could feel Ann's beating heart

Ann couldnt believe the feeling
As her new friend sucked her nipples
And when her legs were forced apart
Fingers racked her tight body with ripples

As the fingers probed inside her
She groaned and moved her hips
Then they were quickly pulled out
And pushed between her lips

"Taste your sweet juice my pet
Because soon you will taste mine.
Once you have cum upon my tongue
Then my pet you've crossed the line."

The neighbor dropped between her legs
Lift and spread them nice and high
And Ann begged "Yes please I want you."
As the tongue ran up her thigh

When the lips wrapped round her clit
It was like a lightening bolt
She grabbed her new Mistress' hair
And her body gave a jolt

Ann began to wail loudly
Mistress played her like a pro
Until her body started trembling
And her juice began to flow

Her orgasm racked her body
Her screaming filled the air
But Mistress' lips remained upon her
Till she lay panting in the chair

Then sliding up her body
Mistress gave a juice covered kiss
"Down on your knees my pet
Time to thank me for your bliss."

Without a second thought
Ann dropped to her knees
Mistress said with a smile
"I like my pets anxious to please."

The thrill of a new conquest
The gaining of a pet
Meant Mistress's sex was ready
Clit throbbing, pussy wet

She took her new pet's head
Placed her lips in the right place
And as Ann started to lick
Thrust her hips into her face

Ann worked tongue and lips so hard
Wanted to do well
And as Mistress started cumming
She fell in love with taste and smell

Mistress took her in her arms
"My pet you're just what I need
You are mine now when I want you
For my appetite to feed."