Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lunchtime encounter

"I'll be back in an hour
Just going to the store."
He watched her tell the office
As she headed out the door

He gave her five minutes
Then being totally discrete
He wandered to his car
He knew here they were to meet

A friend of hers lived close
It wasn't very far
It only took a minute
To get there in the car

As he came in through the door
He saw her waiting in the chair
She had taken off her clothes
And, let down her hair

There was a rug spread on the floor
They used for their Wednesday meet
He always looked forward
To this special lunchtime treat

She slipped down on the rug
As his clothes soon hit the floor
And his cock began to harden
As he thought what was in store

He knew she would be wet
As like him he knew her mind
Was full of lunchtime treats
And it was not the eating kind

She threw her arms out open
Then her legs, displayed her charms
As he lay, her legs wrapped round him
And she held him in her arms

As they kissed their tongues entwined
Passion impossible to hide
Her nails dug into his back
As his hard cock slid inside

She moved her mouth from his
His neck and ears got little nips
She urged him to go faster
Frenzied thrusting of his hips

He felt her teeth against his shoulder
As she thrust her pelvis hard on his cock
And as she hit her threshold
Her body began to rock

Then with a screaming emotion
She locked her legs behind his bum
Her body started trembling
As she began to cum

He loved to feel her cumming
And as his kiss stifled her groan
With one last mighty thrust
He had a cumming of his own

As their breathing returned to normal
He stroked her hair and kissed her cheek
"What a special time this is with you
the best part of the week."


  1. I like it. Light but passionate

  2. this again...its wicked...and fun nice...