Friday, 22 March 2013

Bathtime Delight

When she met me at the door
A fur coat hid her treasures
And smooth soft skin below
Only hinted at her treasures

A smile graced her mouth
On her blonde surrounded face
As she gently led me in
"Welcome to my space."

As I watched her sway before me
I saw her body move within
And I imagined the sensation
As the fur caressed her skin

She led me to the fire
Greeted me with a long kiss
As her aroma teased my senses
I drifted off in bliss

Standing she took her coat off
"How rude, don't you think?
I have bought you all this way
And didn't offer you a drink."

She lay on the bar naked
I found it hard to speak
"You can have anything you like."
It made my knees go weak

I dipped my finger in the whisky
Rubbed it on her lips
So that when I kissed her
It was like taking little sips.

She slid down off the bar
Brushed my arm with a nipple
She smiled at my reaction
Through my body sent a ripple

"The bath is nice and warm
Let's remove your clothes and troubles.
Slip into the bath with me
And we will play amongst the bubbles."

She looked so beautiful and sexy
In her bubble coated skin
"Why don't you help me wash my breasts?"
She offered with a cheeky grin

As I gently washed her mounds
I let my fingers tease the tips
And she leaned in real close
Placed a kiss upon my lips

Then she pulled me in so close
Whispered to me "I want more."
And as I fulfilled her needs desire
We splashed water on the floor

As I held her in my arms
The bubbles made her blonde hair shine
She said "Thanks so much for loving."
I said "the pleasure was all mine."


  1. That is very sweet... I love it....

  2. It is good
    But need more detail in the splashing bits
    My imagination isn't as good as yours....