Thursday, 21 March 2013

Kneeling Waiting

Kneeling, she waited
Her eyes looked up pleading
He watched from the door
Knew what she was needing

She followed his eyes
They looked at the bed
She stood and walked to it
Nothing had to be said

She was up on her knees
His cock level with her eye
Reaching down she watched
As he undid his fly

Opening her mouth
He grabbed her long hair
She moved her head forward
Wanting him there

To the back of her throat
Her lips touch his balls
She moaned as she gagged
He unheeded her calls

He fucked that sweet mouth
With a sway of his hips
And he moaned at the sight
Of it crossing her lips

With her lips and her tongue
She worked hard on his meat
Wanted his cum so badly
that was her treat

He started to shake
And with one hand
Grabbed a handful of hair
More than he could stand

She felt it coming
Then felt him explode
Moaned in contentment
As she swallowed his load

Then he knelt on the floor
And with his tongue tip
He kissed his young pet
As she licked at his lip