Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Chained to Mistress Kiss

Her special little game he knew
Her playful mood, he loved it too
The chains come out, the spiky heels
Void of his clothes, he meekly kneels

Handful of hair she tilts his head
A smile formed by lips of red
He is pulled forward on his knees
Protruding tongue, aching to please

"Not yet my slave, what's your haste?
Did I hear you beg to taste?"
Touches herself then with a grin
Rubs the juice under his chin

Another touch, this time his lips
His tongue caress' her fingertips
"Please Mistress, now?" he meekly begs
She steps in close and spreads her legs

Weighed down with chains he strains his neck
Hard to keep his joy in check
Hungrily on her sex he feeds
His lust for her fills Mistress' needs

She grips his head, thrusts her hips
Rubs her clit across his lips
She rides his face till with a roar
Her body can't take anymore

She holds him tight, he licks until
Her moans die down, her body still
Then kneels to face him, sees his bliss
Rewards him with a Mistress kiss


  1. quite them chains...but again perfect Domme..........

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Giggle... Yes. Perfect Domme poem