Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter Bunny

She saw it in a Playboy
thought it would be cute
to surprise her man
with a sexy bunny suit

She put the kids to bed
knew he would be late
went upstairs to change
thought she would dress and wait

Slipped on the low cut bodice
slipped the stockings up her legs
smiled at the mirror
tastier than chocolate eggs

Put on the fluffy ears
then slipped on her heels
surveyed the finished picture
loved how looking sexy feels

As she pondered what would happen
when he found her on the bed
her pussy started to tingle
and her cheeked glowed bright red

looking at the clock
she saw she had an hour still
looked towards her toy drawer
and completely lost her will

she sat before the mirror
opened legs up nice and wide
pulled aside her costume
and slipped her favourite toy inside

working to a frenzy
it went into overdrive
the sensations from her playing
brought every nerve alive

forgetting where she was
she let out a pleasured scream
so loud it travelled down the hall
and woke the kids up from their dream

they thought they recognised it
sounded like their mum
but they didn't realise, what they heard
was the Easter Bunny cum


  1. Not sure the pic suits a mum- but hey... She's as hot as the poem

  2. Happy Easter Mark!! very Nice!!

  3. Happy Easter Mark.... Love the poem :D xxx

  4. Sounds realistic enough. Happy Easter Mark.