Tuesday, 27 August 2013


She likes him there
Just like this
Naked, bound
To please his Miss
She wields it well
Her whip do crop
Knows his limit
When to stop
The pain and pleasure
Cock erect
But he knows more
Than to expect
She'll flick it
Give a little tease
Then push him down
Onto his knees
Sitting down
Her throne like seat
Hair grabbing thrust
Make him eat
On juice and pussy
He will feed
To satisfy
His Mistresses need
Holds him in tight
Won't let go
Orgasmic tremors
Start to grow
His lips are covered
Tongue is numb
His ears fill
With her loud come
Then stands
Pushes him away
Maybe his turn
Another day


  1. WOW Mark you out do yourself everytime I read one of your poems and as always they leave me in a puddle. <3

  2. Mmm....quite yummy...Bad boys...get rewards........this one is so naughty.....and terrific...Mark
    Davis.........Love it