Friday, 16 August 2013

Club Night

Friday night was looming
Jan looked in on her boss
"We're going to the pub tonight
Will you come across?"

Susan looked up at her
Jan shivered in her stare
"No, tonight's my special club night
Would you like to join me there?"

The way she asked the question
Was more an order than a query
The reaction through Jan’s body
Really was quite eerie

She handed Jan a card
"Be there before eight
I will tell them that you’re coming
Go to the bar and wait.”

“The black dress that you wore
At the Christmas party will be good
And the heels that you wore with them
With lacy undies if you could."

With that she was dismissed
Left with the card in hand
She wondered about Susan
And what she might have planned

Not going to the pub
Jan went straight home to change
Dressing in her black dress
And heels felt a bit strange

As she put on her makeup
And rearranged her hair
She wondered at the club
And what she might find there

Arriving at the club
The valet took her car
On the list they found her name
And led her to the bar

As she looked around the room
She noticed in surprise
There were only women
And she felt their wanting eyes

One of them came over
Dressed in leather and short hair
Leaned against the bar
Pulled across a chair

"Well hello pretty lady."
Her smile more a leer
The lust Jan saw in her eyes
Made her intentions clear

"I haven't seen you here before
What brings you here today?"
She pointed to the rear of the bar
And the door marked play.

"I am waiting for a friend," Jan said
"Well if your friend doesn't show
I will happily show you round
You just let me know."

"Leave her Nic she's mine."
They were startled by the voice
Nicole turned to Susan
"I must admire your choice."

Nic left them alone
Susan stroked Jan’s curls
"I will show you there's another way
For a night out with the girls."

She leaned in close with passion
A meeting of their lips
Jan moaned against the kiss
And the stroking finger tips

Taking Jan’s hand
Susan helped her to her feet
"Mmmm my little morsel
You look good enough to eat."

Jan's eyes washed over Susan
From her face to boots on floor
"Susan you look so sexy
Not seen you like this before."

She was then lead by the hand
To the padded corner chair
Jan felt the stares of envy
From every lady there

"Yes all these women want me Jan
Love how I play the game
Once you have spent the night with me
You will feel the same."

Susan pressed up against
Jan felt her sex quiver
A hand caressed her thigh
Through her sent a shiver

As people came to talk to Susan
Jan sat quietly by
Her whole attention on the hand
Creeping up her thigh

She had never felt so sexy
Had never wished so much
For a hand to go much higher
Her dripping sex to touch

And when the fingers finally reached there
She tried hard not to scream
Susan turned and faced her
"Did I cause this little stream?"

Opening her hand
She slipped two fingers in
Then bought them out and licked one
And then with a grin

She pushed the other finger
In through Jan’s soft lips
Made her suck it clean
Right to the bright red tips

"Come my little morsel
After such a strenuous day
I think it's time I showed you
The games I like to play."

Jan's legs could hardly move
As she was lead across the floor
Her eyes locked on the sexy Susan
As she was taken through the door

Through the door the lights were softer
Couples spaced around the place
Nicole had found a bottom
Her sex pressed into her face

She smiled at Jan
Licking her lips
Then resumed her attack
On her sub’s thrusting hips

Another girl hung
From the ceiling in a sling
Between her partners legs
Hung a cock like thing

Susan paused beside them
As the cock was slid in
"I love doing that."
She whispered with a grin

Standing around
In the rooms softened glow
Other couples watched
As the members put on their show

Susan pinched Jan’s nipple
Through her dress, made her groan
"Tonight my little morsel
We have a room of our own.”

“But the next time you're here
At this club with me
You'll be taken out here
For the whole club to see."

Jan nearly came
Thinking of all those eyes
Watching her kneel
Between Susan's thighs

Or hanging from the ceiling
In that sling
Between Susan's legs
That big cocklike thing

Susan unlocked a door
Lead Jan in
"Now my little morsel
Let the feast begin."

She slipped Jan's dress
Over her head
"Remove panties and heels
Lay back on the bed."

As Jan followed orders
Susan undid her zip
Slid her leather suit
Down over her hip

Removing her boots
She lay down beside Jan
"I will take you places
That no other lover can."

Rolled over, nipples touched
Susan attacked her lips
Jan moaned at the sensation
As her teeth gave little nips

Then sliding down her body
Susan took each breast in turn
Her fingers found Jan’s clit
And her sex began to burn

By the time her mouth got down there
And joined the fingers in lusts chore
Jan was loudly crying out
Begging her for more

"Come for me my morsel
My tasty little treat
I told you that I thought
You looked good enough to eat."

Then her mouth returned
Her tongue began to fly
Like she never had before
Jan reached her sexual high

While Jan was still panting
Susan turned let her sex drop
"Feed on me my morsel
Till I order you to stop."

She sat up pushed her sex down
Directly on Jan's lips
Directing the tongues movement
With the rocking of her hips

As she rode Jan's face
Grabbed her nipples gave a pinch
More aroused when she felt
Her latest victims body flinch

Jan began to gasp
Struggling for breath
She was wondering if Susan
Was going to ride her to the death

But at the last minute
She turned and took Jan in her arms
Licked the juices from her face
"Want to sample all your charms."

Locked once again together
Tongues battled in a kiss
Jan's legs were forced apart
The clit contact pure bliss

As Susan rode her hard
Jan thrust her hips up high
Sensations ran throughout her
And she began to cry

Susan saw the tears of pleasure
Knew that she had succeeded
Jan would be there for her now
Whenever Susan needed

Friday nights now would change
No more to the pub
She would be begging Susan
To take her to the club

And once there would be happy
To perform for the crowd
With Susan or with anyone
Her Mistress allowed

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  1. wow...this is truly amazing....and hot and sensual and f/f well done Mark