Saturday, 7 September 2013

Mistress Wonders

"What should I do with you"
Her finger touched his chin
She felt his body tremble
Allowed herself a grin
She touched him with her boot
Let go of his face
"I see a little spot
My boy you know your place"
He bent down straight away
Into action his lips sprung
Worshipped Mistress boots
Cleaned them with his tongue
"Stay down on your knees
Crawl after me my pet"
She walked into the bedroom
"Not finished with you yet"
She leaned over the bed
"Remove my panties with your teeth
If you do a proper job
Might get to taste what's underneath"
As he struggled to obey
Laughed to herself inside
She was aching for his tongue
But this need she had to hide
Once the panties were off
She spread her legs apart
Opened her cheeks wide
"You know the place to start"
His tongue rimmed her ass
She pushed back against him tight
Moaned as his tongue entered
"Ah yes, you got that right"
Her sex now was aching
She turned over on the bed
Sitting on the edge
She grabbed hold of his head
"Feast now my baby
Mistress has a need"
Thrust her sex on his mouth
Forced him to feed
With frenzied movements
She made his tongue dance
He was gasping for breath
Took every chance
Working so hard
Down on his knees
Did everything
For his Mistress to please
When finally she came
Two hands in his hair
Squirted all over him
Held his face there
Then she pushed him away
Her pet looked so cute
Her juice on his face
And still in his suit

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps its the suit? Or maybe just the poem, but as always you have managed to AROUSE my interest