Saturday, 17 August 2013

great new release from the fantastic author Tamsin Baker

Black and Mauve corset by Tamsin Baker
Short erotica
Contemporary Domme

Diana is a switch who has met a man who brings out her Domme side. She has a beautiful new corset and her pet has just arrived.

I wrapped the scarf around his wrists, binding them together.
I ran the small butt plug over his cheeks while I used the lube to circle his arse hole. He bucked, trying to get away from me, but I pushed one finger into him, massaging his prostate.
He moaned and relaxed, pushing back against me.
“Relax for me.”
I pulled my finger out, applied more cold lube which made him jump, then carefully pushed the plug into him. 
He groaned and pushed his hips back, trying his best to accept what I had decided he would like tonight.
“Good boy.” 
I stroked up his arms and down his back with my nails on my left hand. His lower back was tight, the muscles standing out above his sacrum. Using the right hand I stroked his arse cheeks, watching the tension slowly leave him and the plug move further in as he accepted it.
“This is a reward pet.”

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