Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Date with Daddy

All day she was thinking
Of her daddy firm wide knee
How he was waiting for her
She was excited as can be
Had on a pretty dress
Done her hair with a curl
Ached to hear those words
"Come here my baby girl"
Hands around his neck
She would snuggle in real tight
He'd ruffle up her curl
Her kiss was nice and light
Loved to make her Daddy
Feel all nice and good
By wriggling on his lap
Like only baby girl could
He was so good to her
Sometimes he'd let her feed
Loved to play with Daddy
Filled a special need
But the special time they shared
When Daddy loved her best
Was when she sat astride him
Her head against his chest
They'd moan as one in pleasure
His nose buried in her curl
Until the moans turned to delighted cries
And he filled his baby girl


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  2. OK...Thank you for that DADDY poem....Love them...and yes this one really needs a Mark Davis