Tuesday, 18 March 2014


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Saturday, 22 February 2014

off the lead

Although he held the lead
Both shared an urgent need
Too feed their wanton lust
Within a partnership of trust
Special times they shared
Left no doubt the other cared
He knew her submissions price
And she used it to entice
On his lap she sits astride
Legs wrapped either side
His submissive draws him in
Press her breasts against his skin
Leans in and bites his lip
As she lets her sex take grip
And she disrupts his plans
As the power changes hands
Smiles as his eyes fill with fire
Fills his belly with desire
Muscles twisting squeezing kneading
Her Masters eyes now filled with pleading
Then she relaxes, letting go
Let's her Masters juices flow
Knows that initiative she seized
Has left her Master pleased

Thursday, 20 February 2014

New Release by Tamsin Baker

Come check out Tamsin's new release... It's a contemporary BDSM novella with a gorgeous female Domme.
Stranded Domme by Tamsin Baker

Natalie is a professional Domme, in total control of her emotions and her life. When her car breaks down outside of a small town, she is rescued by a quiet gentleman with all the strength of a good submissive. They have a wonderful night where Natalie breaks her own rules, yet doesn’t regret allowing Mick into her bed. When Natalie returns to her real life she feels the lack of her country gentleman and invites him to her club. She offers him a play collar and shows him off to her friends. All is in order for Natalie, but Mick is feeling less than enthusiastic about being kept on the outside of Natalie’s heart. They need to find a balance quickly, or their budding relationship will soon be over.

Natalie awoke to two very weird and rather pleasant sensations. The first was the mere fact that she awoke naturally and not to an alarm. It had been years since that had happened. The second was the warmth and weight of a male body behind her. It had been almost a decade since that event had occurred.
Memories of the night before came flooding back to her and the soreness between her legs became more pronounced. Mick.
What on Earth had tempted her to let him fuck her? She rarely had sex with anyone, let alone an untrained, un-collared sub that she had just met.
The urge to leave quickly was strong but so was the feeling to stay. She lay still for a minute just listening to him breathing. It was deep and even, comforting actually. His weight was nice too.
Too many men she had met were scrawny, too thin and all lean muscle. She liked a bit of bulk. It made her feel small, safe and protected.
Confused now, old memories came flooding back into her mind. Days of crying over men who had hurt her, disappointed her. It was enough to get her moving.
Natalie wiggled out from under the strong arm that held her and shuffled to the bathroom.
She looked in the mirror and the Domme did not stare back. A ruffled, well fucked and sated young woman looked back at her. Who the fuck was that?
She groaned as she sat on the toilet. It had been so long since she felt out of control.
“What a mess.”
Natalie pondered over what she would do. She really wanted to see Mick again, but how was that going to be possible? He lived too far away, and he wasn’t in the Lifestyle. How would he handle watching her with some of the other bottoms?
A strange smile spread across her face at the thought. He wouldn’t like it at all. She giggled to herself as she imagined a stand off in her club.
No, she had to stop thinking that way. Nothing could develop between them. Last night had just been a moment of weakness. A wonderful, fulfilling, unnerving moment, but still just a moment.
She took a deep breath and snuck back into the room for her clothes. She didn’t really know why she was being quiet, Mick had to take her back into town. She would have to deal with him eventually.
She froze on entering her bedroom. Mick sat up in bed, the sheet covering his lap. His eyes scanned her nakedness and he smiled.
“Good morning, Natalie.”
Inside her head, the Domme was warring with her girly self again. How did he manage to bring out that side in her? The one that wanted to jump onto the bed, laugh and curl up into his lap for morning kisses. There was a reason she didn’t do that anymore and that was because she was happier when she was always in control.
She tried to be casually confident as she opened her overnight case and pulled out fresh bra and panties. She was never embarrassed by her body, but she blushed as she felt his heated gaze on her.
“Would you like a shower?”
She jumped, his voice surprising her. Mick hadn’t come inside her, a concession she greatly appreciated but she was still sweaty from their exertions. A shower would be very much appreciated.
“I would actually. Thank you, Mick.”
Mick smiled as he slipped from the bed and walked towards her. He was still naked and his cock was hard. Her mouth hung open, shocked at how natural and in control he looked. How did he manage to look so calm when she felt like a bundle of insecure nerves?
What did you do the morning after? All of her scenes were orchestrated and always ended with her subs going home afterwards. She was at a loss at what to do with a lover.
Mick kissed her softly on the lips and walked to the door.
“I’ll make us some breakfast and you have a shower. See you soon.”
Natalie stood staring after Mick’s retreating form. He had a lovely ass, and she could see the red striations from her flogger. She blushed again.
The cool and calm gentleman she had met yesterday afternoon was back and in control of the situation. She couldn’t believe how unbalanced she felt, how out of control. And it would not do.
The reason she had trained to become a Domme in the first place was to establish control and order in her life and emotions. It would not do to lose all of that now.
She showered and pulled on her work clothes. They were black, fitted and very professional. She had to take special care with her feet and apply many band aids to her heels before she dared to put on her black work shoes. Her feet wouldn’t let her forget this hiatus any time soon.
When she entered the kitchen she was ready for action, only to be totally derailed by the scene in front of her.
Mick had set the table for them both, orange juice poured, bacon and eggs cooking. Tears stung her eyes at the casual intimacy he was so good at. Where had he been when she had desperately wanted this sort of relationship?
She collapsed into her chair, deflated and awestruck. She had stumbled upon one of the last true gentlemen.
“How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up?” Mick called over his still bare shoulder.
Clearing her throat, she coughed. “Sunny side up would be great.”
Mick whistled as he cooked and Natalie looked around the kitchen. It was clean and orderly but lacked a feminine touch.
“Have you been married, Mick?” Natalie asked before her brain could kick into gear.
She hissed in frustration and wanted to bite off her tongue. Why was she asking intimate questions?
Mick looked over his shoulder at her for a minute then turned back to his cooking.
“I was, for twenty years. But we divorced a few years ago.”
He continued whistling and Natalie found herself more intrigued, not less. That was the problem with questions. Once asked, they opened the door to more.
“And you have kids?” She couldn’t help it, she had to ask.
Mick laughed. “Yep, the bane of my bank balance.”
Natalie smiled, despite what he actually said the tone in Mick’s voice was beautiful. Loving devotion.

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

to warm my northern friends

So cold outside
Stay inside
Spend the day
Got toys to play
Luckily still get
Access to net
Pictures tease
Words that please
Not cold, now hot
Find that spot
Now to start
Dress the part
Sexy dressed
Bed all messed
Rubbing, stroking
So hot smoking
Eyes closed, mouth open wide
Working harder, thrust inside
Passion seething
As cold winds blow
Juices flow
Coming, crying
Expletives flying
Till on bed curled
Sated, in your warm world

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Bedtime Reading

In the story she was lost
The special way her legs were crossed
Bought her enjoyment to the fore
As the erotic scene evolved
Around her clit her legs revolved
The pages eagerly turned as she wanted more
The writer took their places
She could see their twisted faces
As he described the way his hard cock slipped inside
Leaning back she closed her eyes
Heard the ladies wanton cries
Her clit throbbing she was taken on the ride
Her muscles did the job
As her clit began to throb
From the special ways her long bare legs were bent
Till no further it could go
She let her sexual juices flow
Dropped the book and lay back her body spent

Monday, 30 December 2013

new years eve downunder

The New Year's Eve was hot
So he jumped into the pool
Everyone was talking
He wanted to get cool
Swimming around lazily
He saw her walk across
Looked lovely in her bathers
As she gave her towel a toss
She smiled and swam over
And they talked for a while
Flirted just a bit
He was pleased to see her smile
She let her body float
So her breast rubbed against his chest
Her hand beneath the water
Gave his cock a little test
No one was taking notice
As she pulled his head in near
"At midnight I want you in me"
She whispered in his ear
As the countdown started
She leaned against the side
Motioned him behind her
Her bathers pulled aside
And when the clock struck twelve
And the crowd all gave a cheer
She felt his cock inside her
Light scream no one could hear
As everyone was kissing
And they sang auld lang syne
His hands slipped in her top
And caressed her breasts so fine
Clutching on her nipples
He squeezed them against his thumb
Buried deep within her
As she pushed back with her bum
The crowd was quitening down
He couldn't last much longer
On the dark side of the pool
She squeezed her muscles stronger
Then a muffled cry he came
Bit back the erotic sound
She slowly slid off him
And in his arms turned around
Arms circled round his neck
As they deeply kissed
And she whispered "Thanks for taking
Something off my bucket list"
He smiled ".it's a pleasure
It was on mine too
And I think you can help
Cross off quite a few"

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Under the Christmas tree

All day she had been shopping
Found the perfect set
Searching through the lingerie
Had made her nice and wet
Now as she slipped it on
She loved the way it feels
Knew that he would love it
With her makeup and her heels
With a robe wrapped round her
Sat down by the tree
Then messaged to her lover
"Come and unwrap me"
She smiled up at him
As he came in through the door
Loved the look that crossed his face
As he knelt down on the floor
Feel this fingers shaking
As he undid the knot
His reaction at her lingerie
Showed her gift had hit the spot
She reached out, touched his bulge
"Mmm was this caused by me?"
Fumbled with his pants
Set his erection free
Pushed him on his back
Took him through her painted lips
Her nails slipped beneath his balls
Teased them with her tips
Sliding up with body
Her tongue gave his lips a taste
Straddling his cock
Felt his hands upon her waist
Lace panties pushed away
Loved how he slipped in side
Teddy covered breasts were taunting
As her hips began their ride
Her heels dug in his legs
As she increased the pace
Her own excitement fed
By the look upon his face
Muscles working hard
She took him to his peak
Urging him to hold on
He moaned and couldn't speak
Grimacing he threw his head back
He saw the moment in her eyes
And he let himself explode
As she came and drenched his thighs
Collapsing in his arms
Ravished in their kiss
He whispered "Santa never bought me
Anything like this"
Then she pointed to a box
"Santa also bought some toys
But these are very special ones
For naughty girls and boys"